The Banner Saga 2 [v 2.58.02] (2016) PC | GOG | Size: 5.77 GB
Title: The Banner Saga 2
Genre: Strategy (Turn-based), RPG
Developer: Stoic
Publisher: Versus Evil
Year: April 19, 2016
Language: Multi
Tablet: CODEX

The Banner Saga 2 continues the events of the previous part, memorizing the players accepted in the first part of the solution. This will determine which of the heroes survived and who died. The plot will continue to develop the history of the dying world, where there was only one bastion of hope, which is very difficult to get into. The way there will force to make difficult leadership decisions and make sacrifices. In The Banner Saga 2, many new personalities join the already familiar characters. Also added a new race - Horseborn.

Game features:
The plot may not hit the originality, but it is not in it. On its basis, the scriptwriters managed to build a truly epic history of doomed peoples. In the first part you played for Hakon, traveling with his caravan of warls to the east under a yellow banner, and for the hunter Ruka, leading people westward under a red banner. In the second part, the plot is also divided into two narrative lines, replacing each other - and again these are the lines of the warl and the man, their names are already a small spoiler for the first game, so we'll stop here. Let me just say that the heroes of the human line are two to choose from - which of them you have survived in the first game, for which you play. The personality of the hero greatly changes the dialogues in the game, so it's impossible not to admire the work done by the writers.
As the game progresses, every now and then you have to make hard decisions and make choices. The differences of the saga are that Stoic has finally done what many RPGs promise us - a plot choice that really influences the game.
Whether the child was born or the disappearance of supplies was revealed - you, as the leader of your caravan, are obliged to decide what to do. Stop and celebrate the birth of a new life in order to raise the morale of people at the cost of time and supplies or move on? Understand the theft of food or entrust it to someone else?
Your every decision has consequences, but more importantly, this choice is not obvious. In other games, the options usually went down to polite or rude, altruistic or ruthless, risky and safe (hello, FTL), but it's difficult to divide them into certain specific binary categories - and that's fine. Not only does it make the choice more interesting, it also greatly helps to dive into the world. When a lot of people die because of your kind of good intentions, because you have not calculated the risk of your actions, it makes an impression.

1. Mount the image using disk emulators, or unpack it with a regular archiver.
2. Install the game, following the instructions of the installation program.
3. Install sequentially updates.
4. Copy the contents of the CODEX folder (on the image) to the folder with the installed game.
5. Play.

System Requirements:
OS : Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Processor : 2.3 GHz
Video : NVIDIA GeForce 6800 / ATI Radeon X800 | 512MB
Disk space : 4 GB